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Serviceplan creates campaigns and develops communication strategies that shape public opinion on political and socio-political issues.


Serviceplan Brussels is ideally placed for all your government communications. We mean that literally because our offices are located just a stone’s throw from European, national and other public institutions. But we also mean it figuratively because our experts in public opinion have the connections, knowledge and experience required to keep a very close eye on everything that is happening in the specific (socio-)political arenas.

The Brussels team is able to fall back on the vast experience acquired by the public opinion experts in our office in Berlin. Serviceplan Berlin is reputed to be one of the leading German agencies in government communications in Germany. We combine our forces so that we are able to ensure an even more efficient approach to public affairs communications.

Our clients are ministries, public institutions, associations and companies with general interest communication objectives. We combine the creative potential of an integrated advertising agency with the consulting and required analytical skills of political campaigning.

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Félice Vandenabeele, +32 2 774 01 00, f.vandenabeele(at)