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Serviceplan and Amnesty International want to cut short the violence in Beni

Since 2014, Beni, a town in the north-east of Congo, has been plagued by massacres. Between October 2014 and December 2015, 684 people were murdered, slaughtered with machetes or set on fire. The bloodbath continues to this day, despite the presence of the Congolese army and a large UN mission. No one knows precisely what is going on. This is why Amnesty is calling on the Congolese government and the UN mission in Congo to protect the civilians in Beni as a matter of urgency.

To support this call, Serviceplan has started a campaign which aims to encourage action. Besides a poster, social media reports, emails and a set of actions have been drawn up with the campaign image as the central thread.

Sign the petition at www.amnesty-international.be/beni


Nancy Delhalle

Nancy Delhalle

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