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Every year in December, Amnesty International Vlaanderen organises its Schrijfmarathon. During this action, Amnesty supporters across the globe will write millions of letters for those whose basic human rights are being attacked. Serviceplan developed a campaign that motivates people to take part in the Schrijfmarathon.

When you write a letter with a pencil, the pencil point disappears. But those who write during the Schrijfmarathon also help attacks on human rights disappear. Starting from this idea, Serviceplan created three pencil point sculptures. Each sculpture represents a specific case that will be brought to the attention during the Schrijfmarathon.

In the search for an artist that could realise these delicate sculptures, Serviceplan found Jasenko Dordevic. This Bosnian artist felt a connection to the ambitious project, as human rights were massively attacked in his country too, during the war 20 years ago. Jasenko tells this story in the making of movie.

The miniscule sculptures of Dordevic where beautifully photographed by macro specialist Xavier Harcq. These photographs are the red thread throughout the campaign, which consists of print, display and online. Even the Schrijfmarathon website was developed by Serviceplan.

For radio, Servicplan chose a different, but no less impactful approach. Actor Herbert Flack got whiplashes while reading the text for the commercial. Why ? Just for doing his job. Like so many other people worldwide get imprisoned and tortured just for doing their job, speaking their opinion or living in the wrong place.

Finally, Serviceplan also came up with a cinema spot that makes smart use of the releasedate.. of a prisoner. Thanks to the Schrijfmarathon this releasedate was hopefully being advanced.




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