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Alongside the four brands Serviceplan, Plan.Net, Mediaplus and Mediascale, Serviceplan Group is now establishing Serviceplan Solutions as a fifth pillar. The agency has existed since 2012 is now known as "Solutions". The adaptable and transcreative implementation of communication measures continue to belong to the performance portfolio, together with cloud based tools for in-house use and the efficiency maximising product "Intelligent Marketing Services". The promise of the Solutions brand is "reducing complexity".

Alongside Serviceplan, Plan.Net, Mediaplus and Mediascale, Solutions is, as of now, the fifth pillar in the Serviceplan Group. With approximately 200 employees and locations in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Milan, Moscow, Paris and Zurich, the agency - which until now has existed alongside Serviceplan Group focuses on the internationalisation of brand communication, central brand management, intelligent marketing services, marketing automation, marketing process consulting, media production and trade marketing, and the area "Marketing Cloud Solutions.

Peter Vande Graveele, CEO of Serviceplan Benelux says, "Customers expect communication to be more personalised and more content relevant for them. They also expect communication to be constantly available parallel in multiple media, translated into many languages, adapted to various cultural environments and available at specific times. With the brand Solutions we are reacting to precisely these challenges: We are realising communication in real time."

As an accompaniment to the promises "building best brands" (Serviceplan), "creating relevance" (Plan.Net), "the innovation agency for brand individual media" (Mediaplus) and "your one stop shop for digital campaigns" (Mediascale), the vision of the Solutions brand is "reducing complexity".

Major customers of the brand "Solutions" in Benelux include L'Oréal, Ici Paris XL, FCA Group, etc.




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Nancy Delhalle

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