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2017-09-13 10:16

Gonzales and Honor are bringing the night to life

Honor is a brand belonging to Chinese company Huawei. Serviceplan commissioned Gonzales to make an online video for the launch of the Honor 9 smartphone.

2017-09-08 09:00

Serviceplan, Mediaplus, GfK and Media Marketing brings order to the chaos of data

Thanks to technological progress, brands have never had so much usable data available to them in such great volumes as they do today. A quasi heavenly manna which catches advertisers’ imagination while its volume does ...

2017-09-07 10:31

Gonzales delicious with Galbani

As part of the new contents strategy of Galbani, Gonzales has produced a series of videos featuring recipes for various Facebook pages of Galbani in Benelux.

2017-09-05 11:42

Serviceplan has listened to Amplifon

Serviceplan has been awarded Amplifon’s advertising budget for Belgium at the end of a recent competition that pitted several agencies against one another.

2017-09-04 10:28

The sun always shines on TV with Schoenen Torfs and Mediaplus

About eight months ago, Mediaplus, media agency for Schoenen Torfs since 2002, met up with the whole marketing and management team of the largest shoe retailer in Flanders.

2017-08-30 11:22

Taking stock of 2016/17: The Serviceplan Group continues on a growth course

The Serviceplan Group closed the 2016/2017 financial year with an increase in sales of 14% and generated agency fees of EUR 388 million. Europe’s largest independent communications agency was thus well above the ...

2017-06-29 08:05

Gonzales and Cronos want to get Leuven moving

Cronos Leuven has submitted a subsidy application to Tofsport – the city of Leuven’s sport service – to make the city more active and its inhabitants healthier. Via the online platform ‘Leuven beweegt’ (Leuven ...

2017-06-23 10:35

Dual creative impact at Serviceplan

Merel Van den Broeck (Creative Director at Boondoggle) and Naïm Baddich (Creative Director at DigitasLBi/Publicis) are joining the troops at Serviceplan Group Belgium to become its Executive Creative Directors. Their ...

2017-06-16 14:09

Mediascale and Bonne Maman’s cookies

For the launch campaign for its shortbread cookies, Bonne Maman France has called on Mediascale (Serviceplan’s data agency). There are media purchases and programmatic video on the menu.

2017-06-16 14:00

Honor calls on Serviceplan

Following an international pitch, Serviceplan Belgium has won the budget for a West European campaign for Honor, an independent smartphone brand aimed at young people that belongs to the Huawei Group. The budget ...

2017-06-08 16:19

Two new faces at Mediascale

Mediascale, Serviceplan’s data and programmatic department is happy to announce the arrival of 2 new colleagues. Both are certified programmatic traders:

Alice Lee, coming from Brazil, did a ...

2017-06-05 08:54

Serviceplan hits the road with le Service Public de Wallonie

As from June, Serviceplan will be in the driver’s seat for the development of the next motorway poster campaign in Wallonia. The campaign focuses on the advantages of the so-called « zipper merge ». Via the ...

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