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Expertise and impeccable cooperation between Main d’Or and Plan.Net

At Main d’Or you can rely on all kinds of high-end finishing techniques such as painting, ornamentation and restoration. They have been active in the B2B sector for some time, but now also want to focus on the B2C sector. To this end, they called on the support of Plan.Net, the digital division of the Serviceplan Group. 

To make Main d’Or top-of-mind among potential customers, it must capture the attention of the average person. Plan.Net opted for a social media strategy here, the first step of which was cleaning up and optimising Main D’Or’s Facebook page. Plan.Net then set to work on aiming specific posts towards the right target group using selective targeting, with a focus on Awareness and Brand-building. After about a month, Plan.Net doubled the number of followers, and the amount of actual conversions via this channel remained substantial as well.

Plan.Net is now looking into the SEO issue of the Main d’Or digital platform. This approach also helps to make existing content relevant to a B2C audience. 

“Plan.Net is a real business partner that shows us the way in the digital jungle, by opting for solutions and technologies that are relevant to us today,” says Marketing & Sales Director of Main D’Or, Fabienne Thierens.





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Nancy Delhalle

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