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Colruyt wins ‘Best Omnichannel Brand’ during first House of Data event

The first House of Data event took place this week in the Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels. Serviceplan, Mediaplus, GfK and Media Marketing launched this initiative to support advertisers’ data projects. During the event, Colruyt Group was presented with the award for Best Omnichannel Brand, in front of an audience of more than 120 guests from the world of business, communications and media.

‘House of Data’ is more than just an event. It is a unique range of solutions offered by Serviceplan, Mediaplus and Mediascale. With their shared vision, the partners use their skills to put some order into the chaos of data. Ultimately the goal is to increase brand success with data-driven marketing.

In the lovely setting of this first House of Data event in the Cinquantenaire Museum, over 120 advertisers discovered that data can be efficiently turned into opportunities. During inspiring talks, a variety of subjects were discussed, including data science in marketing, the impact of data on strategy & creation and media purchasing in times of big data and omnichannel communication.

After the talks, the award for Best Omnichannel Brand was presented. Colruyt took the first prize, while shoe manufacturer Bristol and Decathlon completed the podium. Colruyt obtained the highest score as it is the most effective in targeting consumers via the various on and offline channels. Three factors played a role in GfK’s research, which was carried out on 2,500 respondents: awareness, the brand’s reach via on and offline touchpoints and the emotional impact these touchpoints have on consumers.

For information: Best Omnichannel Brand is a fourth Best Brands Award and supplements the Best Product Brand, Best Corporate Brand and Best Digital Brand which are presented each year during the Best Brands Awards.

More questions? Please contact info@houseofdata.be

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