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EasySyndic is launching its new venture, SyndicYourself, in partnership with Serviceplan

Buoyed by its recent success, EasySyndic, the preferred management partner for small condominiums, is taking a further step and launching SyndicYourself, an innovative self-management platform for voluntary condominiums.

SyndicYourself will enable property owners to retain their independence, while benefiting from expert advice, and from a full library of resources necessary for managing their assets.

Serviceplan, is assisting Charlotte Cauwe and Julien Vertenueil with the launch and optimisation of the platform via its Plan.Net and Mediaplus agencies, where the project management and e-CRM expertise will ensure that this innovation is circulated among Belgian property owners.

Digital Project Manager: Anouchka Hendrickx
Digital Account Manager: Laureen Donadieu


Nancy Delhalle

Nancy Delhalle

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