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Serviceplan and Federale Assurance-Verzekering protect the car that protects you

The car insurance campaign from FEDERALE Assurance-Verzekering addresses to everyone looking forward to the delivery of his car. A new investment to protect, of course, with an omnium insurance. For this campaign, the media agency Serviceplan based itself on the observation that today, cars are increasingly safe: automatic braking system, blind spot information system, smart airbags system… We then ask the following question: “Your car protects you, but who protects your car?”. The campaign answers that question with posters, ads, banners and radio spots in which the car owners are taking ridiculous measures to protect their new vehicle.

Client: Federale Assurance-Verzekering
Contacts: Eliane Jacobs, Kris Van Den Steen
ECD’s: Naïm Baddich, Merel Van den Broeck
Art Directors: Marc Thomasset, Ario Akhlaghi
Copywriters: Nathalie Strybos, Léo Destatte
Account Director: Pierre-Antoine Van Wijmeersch
Strategic planner: Jan Govaert
Radio production: Sonicville

Photography & Retouching: The Pickles

Graphic Designers: Stéphane Melnik, Benjamin Gaspart

Nancy Delhalle

Nancy Delhalle

+32 2 774 01 00

E-Mail: n.delhalle(at)serviceplan.com