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Serviceplan tells the love/hate relationship between cars and trucks for AWSR

Road safety covers a lot of issues. This time, the AWSR has decided to deal with the cohabitation between cars and trucks on our roads. Like an old married couple, both vehicles have been sharing the bitumen for several years, but they still don’t seem to really understand one another. It is not easy to anticipate a motorist’s behaviour when you are a trucker and vice versa.  To tackle this problem Serviceplan has created a radio spot humanising cars and trucks.

Listen to the radio spot


Agency: Serviceplan
Client: AWSR - Agence Wallonne pour la Sécurité Routière
Contact: Anne Salmon, Marine Yvergniaux
Account Manager: Aurélie Bouchez
Strategic Planner: David Burny
Creative Director: Quentin Watelet
Creatives: Alexandre Grevesse, Louis Roba
Sound studio: Bleu Nuit
Media : Radio

Nancy Delhalle

Nancy Delhalle

+32 2 774 01 00

E-Mail: n.delhalle(at)serviceplan.com