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Spring 2019 starts with the topic of Design Thinking for Plan.Net (House of Communication)

Design Thinking is more than a tool, it is a state of mind that is integrated within the House of Communication. Its approach is based on a continuous learning process that wants to combine our clients’ business objectives with the need of their consumers.

Today, the philosophy of the House of Communication is no longer to respect traditional methods. For the HOC it’s a matter of setting up an analysis methodology, on a day-to-day basis, to identify concrete opportunities and solutions, tested in advance.

From quantitative and qualitative consumer and competition studies to the optimization of a campaign. Design Thinking is part of a circular movement to discover every possibility of each project.

To get to that point, there are three fundamental principles: 

1) Learn
The involvement of each of the actors (clients, accounts, strategists, creatives, graphic designers…) and the use of every available tool (competition analysis, surveys, consumer research, trends…) must be implemented throughout the process.

2) Explore
Refers to experimentation as well as the creation of prototypes at all levels: storytelling, visuals, targeting…

3) Implement
Projects are launched with each element tested, optimized and adapted to the audience. These elements are evaluated and optimized until the end of the process.

Making the best recommendations begins with understanding what consumers really want. Building best brands starts here.

Nancy Delhalle

Nancy Delhalle

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