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The Weight Watchers Spring Diet Season campaign has just ended with great success. Thanks to an integrated online / offline media strategy based on advanced data insights, Mediaplus has been able to grow the Weight Watchers brand in Flanders and Wallonia by + 56% and + 17% respectively. Mediaplus also manages the media for Weight Watchers Netherlands, where the strategy has allowed growth of more than 40%.

A strongly integrated media approach, combined with state-of-the-art technology, has ensured that we could bring the WeightWatchers brand where it is today. It's been more than 6 years since Weight Watchers gave us complete confidence by entrusting us with the management of their online and offline budget, which gives us the opportunity to develop a fully integrated and relevant media strategy. It also makes it possible, more specifically, to maximize exposure of the brand to its public while at the same time limiting acquisition costs.

“In addition to an integrated media strategy, mention should be made of the excellent relationship between client and agency that enables such results in a market where direct and indirect competition rages. The era when the media agency was only a buying desk is long gone. We see ourselves as a true partner of our customers and do everything they can to support them in the growth of their business. " Bernard Lantonnois, Digital Media Director Mediaplus.

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Nancy Delhalle

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