Nikon x Serviceplan


Nikon works with Serviceplan Solutions for the production of their digital creative assets

Nikon Europe has decided to centralize its digital media budget at Mediaplus International (Serviceplan Group). Serviceplan Solutions seemed naturally to be the right partner as their digital asset production agency. 

Serviceplan Solutions, working hand in hand with the programmatic and media agency, has been in charge of the adaptation of creative assets for the whole European market. The Solutions’ team is handling and processing the digital static assets, repurposing videos as well as crafting HTML 5 animated banners to promote new Nikon launches, promotions and events. They also participate in creation in some campaigns.  


With the ‘Summer Instant Savings’ campaign, which involved 12 European countries, Serviceplan Solutions adapted around 300 assets in different formats (video, statis and HTML5 animated banners) and languages.




Account Executive : Tatevik Petrosyan

Motion Designer : Bert Landeloos, Dorian Colin

Graphic Designer : Denis Roumegoux, Benjamin Gaspart, Paul Follezou

Managing Director Serviceplan Solutions: Monia Kayila


Nancy Delhalle

Chief Marketing Officer

+32 2 774 01 00