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Beauty Best Brands

Which are the beauty products preferred by the Belgians? To shed light on the question and to allow for a more nuanced evaluation, we divided this category between “volume” and “premium” or luxury brands in GfK’s Best Brands survey, conducted on Serviceplan’s request. We used “price-premium” for each brand to make the distinction, and selected eight brands for each sub-category.

The first important finding is that there are three volume and three premium brands in the general Top 100. Nivea, L’Oréal and Gemey-Maybelline for the volume category, and Dior, Chanel and Armani for the premium segment.

Nivea tops the volume brand ranking with a very impressive Share of Soul score, coming in 20 points higher than its closest rival in the category. And scoring 10 points higher than the leading premium brand.

Nivea thus outpaced L’Oréal and Gemey-Maybelline, both of which had a higher Share of Wallet than the German beauty brand.

With 7 out of 10 stating that their most recent experience of Nivea was memorable and positive, Nivea stands out for the quality of the experiences offered to consumers. This perception can only have a positive influence on Nivea’s relationships with consumers, defined as strong by three-quarters of respondents.

Remember in this regard that Nivea is in our Top 10 Best Digital brands, with a particularly impressive score on social networks.

As mentioned, Christian Dior tops the premium brand rankings. Coming 23rd in the general ranking, the brand in particular achieves a higher Share of Wallet than its competitors. When it comes to Share of Soul, there is very little between Dior and Chanel. Their scores are relatively similar for three leading KPIs: strong relationships, experience and loyalty.


There is a striking but logical difference between the volume and premium brands: with relationships that are poor and at-risk. Although Dior and Chanel notch up similar share of mind to Nivea and L’Oréal, people naturally feel closer to volume brands, perceiving them as more accessible. Whereas Nivea and L’Oréal are seen as Best Friends, with customers buying their products more often and at a lower price point, Dior and Chanel are the flirts: relationships are more intense, but less frequent.

Both these profiles are the logical corollary of their respective positioning strategies: volume for daily needs; luxury for special occasions.

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