Acerta podcasts


Belgian entrepreneurs tell their stories in Acerta and Serviceplan podcasts

Acerta supports entrepreneurs in every step of their growth process, and to accompany them further, Serviceplan had the idea to produce 5 podcasts of 20 minutes each, with the founders of well-known Belgium brands as guests.

Listeners will hear CEOs of brands such as Dierendonck, Deliveroo, Rain Pharma, Swapfiets, and Yucopia tell their stories to the two podcast hosts: Kadèr Gürbüz and Geert Aliet, well-known personalities in Flanders.

The podcasts, called Ik Wil Starten, will be broadcast in Dutch on Deezer, Spotify, Youtube, Acerta and classic social networks, and an awareness and consideration campaign will be launched on social networks to encourage entrepreneurs to listen to the podcasts.

The podcasts were all recorded and mixed in the in-house studio of Neverest, Serviceplan's audiovisual production agency.


Client: Christine Festjens, Rachel Ho at Acerta
Account Manager : Augustin Ide
Recording and mixing: Neverest
Sound engineer: Nicholas Blasband
Graphic designers : Benjamin Gaspart

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Nancy Delhalle

Chief Marketing Officer

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