Best Brands: Care Products


Best Brands: Care Products

Sustainable growth of a brand is based on a good balance between sales activation and being able to rely on a strong relationship with consumers. After all, a strong emotional connection with a brand is increasingly a driving force for growth. This faces brand managers with a major dilemma today: should we invest in sales marketing or is it a better use of resources to spend marketing budgets on brand building?

Winning brands score well on both dimensions. Let’s see what the Best Brand survey carried out by GfK at Serviceplan’s request teaches us in this regard as far as the care products category is concerned. Nivea heads the list by some margin, boasting very high scores in terms of both sales volume and consumer-brand relationships. It is a strong #1 brand that is in a good position to continue achieving sustainable growth in the future.

Gillette takes second place. To a large extent, this is thanks to a strong market share and the large number of consumers for whom Gillette is a first-choice brand.

We find Dove a little lower down in the ranking, in fifth place in a category of 11 brands. The situation for Dove is interesting because consumers firmly indicate that they have a strong relationship with the brand. Despite this clearly present brand potential, we do not (or not yet anyway) see it translated into a high market share. Nevertheless, we consider this a favourable situation for Dove and are confident that the right sales marketing campaigns can convert this latent potential into a higher sales volume.

We are eagerly awaiting the latest results from the Best Brands consumer study.

Can Nivea maintain its top position? Has Dove been able to convert some of its latent potential into more sales and by so doing been able to achieve a higher position in the Best Product ranking? Find out on 22 March 2018 at the Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels! More info: bestbrands.be

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