Best Omnichannel Brands: Colruyt in the lead


Best Omnichannel Brands: Colruyt in the lead


Serviceplan is about much more than just the Best Brands study. Nevertheless, it must be said that this project, carried out in partnership with GfK, reflects the philosophy of the Woluwe-based agency wonderfully well. Specifically, Serviceplan is constantly looking for new media allowing it to share its expertise, based on highly-relevant consumer data, with advertisers.

During the first edition of House of Data, organised in November 2017 at the Cinquantenaire Museum, Serviceplan and GfK granted participants the exclusive privilege of being presented a special category in the Best Brands study: the Best Omnichannel Brands. 

Although presented separately, the Best Omnichannel category includes the same methodological bases as the other Best Brands categories, the results of which will be revealed at the end of March, as is the case each year in Belgium. It is a combination of rational and emotional aspects that enable us to evaluate over 300 brands from some 30 industries and define which of these brands is the one that performs best in a specific area.

This domain, in the case of the Best Omnichannel category, is made up of the experiences that Belgian consumers encounter. In particular, this involves the detailed analysis of the different experiences that a brand offers either online or offline. Or maybe we should say online AND offline, since Best Omnichannel aims to evaluate the performance of these experiences combined.

Once again, Colruyt won the title of Best Omnichannel Brand this year. The Belgian retail brand is in this manner ahead of Bristol (the former Shoe Discount), with Decathlon, KBC, Pairi Daiza, Carrefour, Samsung, Media Markt, Oral B and Ikea making up the rest of the top 10.

And as is often the case, winning an award is not the result of exceptional performance for one or other KPI but instead of the ability to perform well simultaneously for both online and offline experiences for the Best Omnichannel Brands.

In terms of the “imprint”, i.e. the impact of the touchpoint on a consumer, we note that Colruyt obtained the highest score of the 10 finalists concerning the impact of its online experiences (tying with KBC). However, Bristol has the best offline rating, with three-quarters of respondents having had a positive experience with the retailer via offline channels.

Here it is important to understand that the offline experience is not just the purchase of products in stores and that the online experience is not just the visit to the website. In total, the top 10 brands in the different industries were evaluated on 20 touchpoints, divided into 10 online touchpoints and 10 offline touchpoints. One of the touchpoints is the purchase itself, and it can be interpreted as an online or offline touchpoint depending on the case.

Decathlon, 3rd in the ranking, is characterised by the fact that the brand scores a particularly high score when it comes to online reach. However, the experience remains more positively significant in offline terms.

Now let’s take a look at the online and/or offline touchpoints that differentiate the top three winners in this ranking.

The Colruyt experience in the store is considered very positive by its customers, but is not however particularly significant. On the other hand, its webshop has a very high score in terms of impact. Its visibility on TV is also one of the brand’s strengths.

Bristol is evaluated more positively offline and its strongest touchpoints are its stores, printed advertising and sponsorship.

Finally, Decathlon’s image also benefits from its sponsorship investments, but the sporting apparel and accessories designer and reseller is also very active on Instagram. Reviews published in newspapers and magazines also contribute to its success.

All this information is now available from GfK and Serviceplan. Their experts will be happy to help you better understand when your brand is losing ground to its competitors in the buying process, and how to maximise the return on investment of your communications strategy.

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