La Redoute


La Redoute and Serviceplan: a nod to equality

A wink to women and equality, from this Monday onwards, on social networks and digital posters, in response to "Sofagate" and in support of Ursula von der Leyen, as a woman, through a "Take a seat..." campaign, in collaboration with Serviceplan.

La Redoute has always maintained a special relationship with women, whether they are customers, employees or anonymous.

As an e-tailer and responsible entrepreneur, La Redoute supports equal opportunities in education and employment. It also acts in favour of the dignity and rights of women. These commitments take the form of partnerships with associations, financial or in-kind donations and the involvement of employees in solidarity actions.

This campaign is in line with the company's ongoing and concrete commitments to support gender equality.


Nancy Delhalle

Chief Marketing Officer

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