La redoute formidable in belgium with mediaplus


Following a few one-off poster and digital campaigns, La Redoute is now launching its major awareness and positioning campaign with Mediaplus in Belgium.

Immediately after winning the media pitch, a first step was to launch a solid brand tracker to evaluate La Redoute's positioning on the Belgian market. This study, which was also carried out by Mediascale within the House of Communication, made it possible to optimise the north/south balance but, above all, to demonstrate that a long-term approach is necessary to build awareness of La Redoute's ready-to-wear range.

The House of Communication's creative team then worked on a creative concept adapted to La Redoute.

The result of this √úbercreative work, mixing creation, data and media, can be discovered on TV and online since May 24th.

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Nancy Delhalle

Chief Marketing Officer

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