Mediaplus in the Netherlands


Mediaplus completes House of Communication in the Netherlands

Serviceplan Group, the largest independent office group in Europe, is expanding its services in the Netherlands. With the start of Mediaplus Nederland, Serviceplan Group is uniting all brand, communication and media services under one roof in Amsterdam

By starting Mediaplus Nederland alongside Serviceplan Nederland, the brand, creation and media services will be integrated under the House of Communication vision of the Serviceplan Group. “It was decided about a year ago that this expansion should take place, and from then on, a great deal of work has been done behind the scenes,” says Menno Westinga, Managing Director of Mediaplus. Together with Ramon Kragtwijk, Commercial Director, a team of experienced people was formed; people who have gained recognition in various areas, from strategy, creation, data, and media to public relations. All standard media tools are available, and operators and publishers have been informed in recent months. “The first integrated campaigns have been launched and we are ready for the future,” says Menno Westinga. Amsterdam, in close cooperation with the Brussels office, represents the international office group in the Benelux.


Hornbach opts for Mediaplus

Consider things from the customer’s point of view. What does an organisation or brand need, which creation fits and which carrier can best spread that creation? Does the message address and match the customer’s identity? All the elements must strengthen each other. This approach is evidently an appealing one because, in addition to Uniekaas and the German online broker Flatex, Hornbach Nederland has now also decided to work with Mediaplus Nederland as from 1 October.


Think global, act local

Through the combination of prominent international strength and locally independent entrepreneurship, Ramon Kragtwijk sees great opportunities for national and international brands alike in the rapidly changing office world. “A House of Communication with full integration of data, strategy, content, media and creation, carried out by professionals in their respective fields, provides Media with a Plus,” he says.

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