Network Fleet Card


Network Fleet Card is back with Plan.Net

Network Fleet Card is back with a fresh, brand new website. After a collaboration of almost ten years with the Serviceplan group, NFC put their trust in the group's digital agency, Plan.Net, and its cutting-edge solution model called Pocket Rocket to design a CRM and lead generation strategy through the website.

The intention was for the internet channel to be oriented towards both information and mobility. The idea follows a design workshop bringing together the B2B teams from Shell, the CRM and UX consultancy team from the Brussels agency and the production teams from, Plan.Net's secret weapon or almost.

The start of the new school year and the ensuing economic revival make this the optimal moment to launch the site and share the fruit of a successful co-creation with the world.


Nancy Delhalle

Chief Marketing Officer

+32 2 774 01 00