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Serviceplan and Gfk launch the 7th edition of the Best Brands Awards

The Best Brands Awards is a major event in the marketing and communication sector and will take place on Thursday, March 10, 2022, starting at 6:30 pm. 350 leading experts from the world of business, communication and media will be invited to attend the exceptional awards evening that will reward the most successful Belgian brands. Organized by Serviceplan and GfK, the 7th edition of this extraordinary annual event will be held at the Docks Dôme in Brussels.

In 2004, Serviceplan and GfK initiated the Best Brands Awards in Munich, which is now considered to be THE barometer of brand performance. Based on a survey of 5,000 households conducted by GfK, this ranking of the best brands measures their strength according to two criteria: the actual economic success of the brand and its emotional dimension with consumers.  A unique concept that relies exclusively on the consumer to determine the winners.

Eighteen years later, this prestigious annual meeting is compared to Oscars for brands. The recognition of the concept is such that it has been exported to several countries around the world, including China (2014), Italy (2015), France (2018) and, since 2016, Belgium. 


The Best Brands Awards usually recognise 21 brands from 21 vertical sectors. This year the categories are:

·       Best Insurances Brand 

·       Best Pet & Hobby Retail Brand 

·       Best Gardening Brand

·       Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks Brand

·       Best Retail (Food) Brand

·       Best Food Brand 

·       Best Energy & Fuel Brand 

·       Best IT Brand 

·       Best Beer Brand  

·       Best Financial Services Brand  

·       Best Alcoholic Drinks Brand 

·       Best Retail (Hi-Fi Electro) Brand  

·       Best Major Domestic Appliances Brand  

·       Best Beauty Products Brand  

·       Best Small Domestic Appliances Brand 

·       Best Decoration & Renovation Brand

·       Best Telecom Brand  

·       Best Pet Food Brand  

·       Best Consumer Electronics

·       Best Automotive Brand  

This year, in addition to these 21 categories, Serviceplan and GfK are focusing on a new trend: hybridity. A hybrid brand is a brand that succeeds in combining the virtual and real worlds by having, on the one hand, an effective touchpoint strategy (online and offline activity, budget allocation and quality of contacts) and, on the other hand, a relevant, coherent content strategy with a transparent and personalized experience.

Therefore, this year, Serviceplan and GfK will give a special award to the best hybrid brand among the 350 brands initially nominated.

In addition to the in-person event that will take place at the Docks Dôme on Thursday, March 10, the Best Brands Awards will be broadcasted simultaneously in live-streaming on YouTube.





Nancy Delhalle, CMO,, +32 (0)488 288 361.

Serviceplan Group - Building Best Brands

Serviceplan is the largest owner and partner-managed agency group in Europe. In our House of Communication, the only fully integrated agency model, all manner of communication disciplines work under one roof; whether strategists, creatives, media, design or online specialists, CRM experts, market researchers or content specialists - at Serviceplan, everybody works together. The additional corporate brands within Serviceplan Benelux - Plan.Net, Mediaplus, Mediascale, Neverest and Solutions - also rank among the market leaders in their respective fields. What binds us all together is the passion to develop and to coach fascinating brands. Brands that are economically successful and that evoke emotions in the minds of consumers - in other words, Best Brands. Innovative communication is the path to this goal.

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GfK has been a global leader in data and analytics, providing consumer and market insights for over 85 years. From our inception we have placed our clients’ and partners’ trust at the core of our values. We are a company that leads with innovation – our highly experienced engineers, consultants and data scientists have continuously pushed industry boundaries with new methodologies and measurement technologies, to help our clients succeed.

We are revolutionizing real-time access to critical knowledge. In a world of data overflow, disruption and misuse, picking up the right “signal from the noise” is key to success. Together with our attention to detail and advanced AI, we provide you with world-class analytics that deliver not just descriptive data but also actionable recommendations – helping to boost sales, as well as organizational and marketing effectiveness. We are independent and trusted.  GfK is impartial, with no vested interest. It is testament to this integrity that our highest standards serve the world’s leading brands, and reset industry benchmarks.


Nancy Delhalle

Chief Marketing Officer

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