End of financial year


Serviceplan Group is thriving even in times of Covid-19

The Serviceplan Group successfully concluded the financial year ending 30 June 2021, with a fee turnover of 488 million Euros. This 9 per cent increase over the previous year (448 million Euros) in a financial year that has been completely dominated by the global pandemic is the result of strategic measures, constant innovation and unprecedented teamwork by all colleagues across the agency group worldwide.

Brussels, September 1st  2021 - Florian Haller, CEO of Serviceplan Group, sums up the Serviceplan Group’s results: “It is extraordinary and makes me very proud to see how we were able to cope so well with the Covid-19 crisis, including all its negative effects on the market, the media and clients. This positive financial result is founded on various strategic building blocks, which together contributed to our further substantial development over the past financial year. I would like to thank all my colleagues and partners in the group who overcame these often challenging circumstances superbly, not only professionally but also in their private lives. It is testament to the people and culture of Serviceplan Group that we have come together to get through a challenging year. And the human factor has become significantly more visible as a result of the pandemic – remote working, hybrid event formats and digitalized processes have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, both today and in the future”. The entire agency group concluded the financial year ending on 30 June 2021 with a fee turnover of 488 million Euros, an increase of 9 per cent compared to the previous year (448 million Euros).

ÜberCreativity – the special mindset that makes all the difference

“ÜberCreativity” arises when various different communication disciplines combine their specific strengths in order to raise an idea to a previously unattainable creative level. Over the past 2020/21 financial year, it was precisely this special mindset of the agency group that was one of the decisive drivers of success. The Serviceplan Group concept of “House of Communication” (HoC) provides the basis for ÜberCreativity: Creative & Content, Experience & Commerce and Media & Data – all these building blocks are conceived in an integrated way within the HoC and implemented for clients individually and with agility. With new customized agency concepts for, among others, BMW (“The Marcom Engine” – operating in 26 countries, including Belgium, since September 2020), the Serviceplan Group is demonstrating its special ethos as an integrated communications service.

After a Pandemic-induced hiatus of Cannes Lions in 2020, Serviceplan Group campaigns for clients Dot Corporation (“Dot go”), MINI, METER Group (“Meltdown Flags”), Règles Élémentaires (“INVISIBLE WOMEN”) and Sea-Watch (LIFEBOAT-The Experiment) won two gold, one silver and four bronze medals at this year’s awards. The campaign that won most awards was “MINImalism für MINI”, scooping one gold in the Outdoor category and two bronze medals in the Industry Craft category. The best Serviceplan project at ADC Germany was “Meltdown Flags” which won one Grand Prix, one gold, three silver and two bronze

And what an honour by obtaining the highest score within the New York Festivals Advertising Awards, we have been recognized as "Independent Agency of the Year".

Climate neutrality in the advertising market

In March 2021, the Mediaplus Group and ClimatePartner, announced this central goal with their unique “Green GRP” industry initiative for carbon-offsetting campaigns. Using this new calculation model, companies can now decide to make the advertising they have booked climate neutral – for every medium and regardless of the marketer.

Florian Haller explains: “Our vision is that brand advertising in Germany – and soon expanding to other countries too – will become carbon neutral. According to the German Advertising Federation, the German advertising market is worth around 25 billion Euros net. If we manage to invest an additional 1 per cent of the money in carbon offsetting and climate protection projects, we will have made an important contribution to climate protection. If all market participants join in, at some point they will all be using only climate-neutral campaigns”.

International focus despite the global crisis

Florian Haller explains: “Now our agency group’s central task will be to stay close to our clients and to consistently and creatively pursue the incredible digitalization push of the past few months. With the lessons we have learned from the Covid-19 period, we will be agile, progressive and efficient, continuously developing our business in Germany and at an international level”.

Driving forward the consistent internationalization strategy even under pandemic conditions was a decisive factor for the positive development of the agency group. The Serviceplan Group now has 24 locations in 17 countries with over 4,400 colleagues.

The group is also strengthening its services in the US market with investment in the creative agency Pereira O’Dell and their offices in New York and San Francisco (October 2020).

Serviceplan Group pursues climate neutrality in Europe

Since 2020, all German offices and the House of Communication in Vienna have been climate neutral. In 2021, the Serviceplan Group launched the next stage of its international sustainability management and is beginning the global climate neutrality process with the Houses of Communication in Belgium, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland. In addition, the agency group is committed to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The group’s first climate report certified by the Global Reporting Index is scheduled for publication in December 2021.

Serviceplan Belgium: an impressive growth

Peter Vande Graveele, CEO of Serviceplan Belgium, comments on the results of Serviceplan in our country: “Our last fiscal year, starting 1st of July 2020 and ending 30th of June 2021, was a challenging year, with 2nd and 3rd wave of COVID-19. But we saw a significant increase of marketing communications investments of our clients and other advertisers in the Belgian market in the second half of the fiscal year, being first 6 months of 2021. We succeeded in ending with almost 8 million euro of agency income the last 12 months which is an increase of almost 15% in comparison with the fiscal year 19-20 and realising a signficant growth in the company’s profit margin.

In Belgium and Luxembourg we were particularly successful with the win of ALDI – being one of the top 3 retail brands in the BeLux market. Other brands which we have integrated in our local House of Communication this year are La Redoute, Siemens Healthineers, Nikon and last but not least the brands BMW & MINI BeLux. Serviceplan Group international has won the international pitch for BMW and MINI in 26 European countries together with its partners Beryll’s and MediaMonks, creating in the final round the new customised set-up for BMW and MINI, called The Marcom Engine.

As a result of all these newly acquired clients the team in the Brussels House of Communication grew significantly. The last 6 months the House of Communication welcomed more then 35 new hires, especially the creative team increased to more then 15 full time creatives, with An Rietjens as the creative lead for the House of Communication, ready to shine for clients, prospects but also to reconfirm Serviceplan’s creative reputation in the Belgian market.

Together with Jason Romeyko, Worldwide Executive Creative Director, the House of Communication in Brussels ventured the concept of “Virtual Übercreative Team”, mixing up the local teams with top international creative talent out of the Group in order to enrich the local creativity for clients. In this way the House of Communication in Brussels taps into international creative talent without losing its local anchorage.”


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