Serviceplan has spread the-message for the AWSR


Serviceplan has spread the-message for the AWSR

The AWSR, the Walloon Agency for Road Safety, developed its latest awareness-raising campaign in collaboration with Serviceplan and Mediaplus. It addresses the theme of driving under the influence (of whatever substance) and highlights the essential role of friends and family in this situation. Indeed, a person’s loved ones are in the front line when he or she leaves a party, a bar or any other place after having drunk one glass too many. The people with the person have the power to deter him or her from driving by reasoning with him or her or simply by asking for the keys to his or her vehicle. Unfortunately, out of fear of being a killjoy, most of the time nobody says anything. That’s a shame. Especially when you know that sometimes it takes just a few words to save a life.

This campaign takes place in two stages. First, the awareness phase, which includes a video featuring a man in a bar preparing to tell a friend to give him his keys. Then, a reflection phase comprising two shorter clips in which the same character practises telling his friend to give him his keys in front of the mirror.

The media plan and media purchasing were handled by Mediaplus.

Client : AWSR
Contact : Anne Salmon & Marine Yvergniaux
Agency : Serviceplan
Creative Director : Quentin Watelet
Executive Creative Director : Benoit Vancauwenberghe
Creation : Louis Roba & Alexandre Grevesse
Strategic Director : David Burny
Account Manager : Aurélie Bouchez 
Head of Production : Marc Van den Bossche 
Film Production Company : Les Mecs
Producers : Jesse Vander Meerch & Yousri Mekroum
Director : Sidney Van Wichelen
DOP : Virgil Leclercq
Media : Mediaplus

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