Serviceplan takes a rejuvenation cure with 20Something


Serviceplan takes a rejuvenation cure with 20Something

As from 1 November 2018, 20Something is joining the ranks of Serviceplan Benelux.

Following the take-over of Germaine & Co, rechristened Serviceplan, and Mundomedia, which became Mediaplus, Serviceplan Benelux is continuing its expansion by integrating 20Something, an agency that specialises in marketing communication to Millennials, into its Benelux structure.

This agency, set up about 10 years ago by Benoît Vancauwenberghe, Jérome Jaumotte, Steffen Vander Mynsbrugge and Marc Van den Bossche, will from now on strengthen the integrated Serviceplan offer thanks to its expertise in Generations Y and Z.

20Something will also roll out and integrate the Limited Edition concept internationally within the group. The Limited Edition agency, run by students within 20Something, succeeded in capturing hearts and minds at the Serviceplan HQ in Munich, and the latter now wants to roll out the Limited Edition concept to as many Serviceplan agencies as possible throughout the world.

At Serviceplan Benelux, creative management will from now on be provided by Benoît Vancauwenberghe and Quentin Watelet. Jérôme Jaumotte will lead Plan.Net, the Serviceplan group’s digital agency. As is already the case, Marc Van den Bossche will continue to develop the Limited Edition concept, but now on an international scale.

The 20 or so employees of 20Something will strengthen all Serviceplan departments in Brussels: media, social media, digital, creative and strategic.

Peter Vande Graveele, CEO of Serviceplan Benelux, said: “I am delighted with the arrival of 20Something at Serviceplan! It is a real rejuvenation for our agency and I am convinced that their dynamism will be positive at all levels, not only for the Benelux group but also internationally. All our clients can therefore call on this considerable expertise from now on to address and reach this youth segment effectively. I have long been an admirer of this agency’s approach and I look forward to working with the teams of Benoît, Jérôme and Marc on a daily basis.”

Benoît Vancauwenberghe said: “After launching 20Something 10 years ago, it is a real opportunity to join the management of Serviceplan Benelux and make the Limited Edition concept shine internationally. We are also going to make every effort to have our positioning as a game changer permeate through all of Serviceplan.”

Jérôme Jaumotte said: “Integrating into an international group with entrepreneurial values is the perfect extension of our adventure. I am very enthusiastic about joining the ranks of Serviceplan, and more specifically Plan.Net, the technology and digital arm of the Serviceplan group. All the clients of 20Something now also have the opportunity to take advantage of the extra expertise found not only within Serviceplan Benelux, but also within the international group.”

Marc Van den Bossche said: “Limited Edition has always been one of the trump cards of 20Something. This agency-within-an-agency, made up of students, is original and unique and I am truly honoured and happy to develop this concept further within the Serviceplan group.”


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