Shell and Serviceplan save time


Shell and Serviceplan save time

Time is money, and this is something Network Fuel Card understands perfectly. In this context, Serviceplan developed a campaign for the Network Fuel Card, the fuel card that takes your time seriously. Each element of the campaign spotlights a benefit of the card and shows how that benefit saves you time. The campaign was launched with a DM in the form of a flipbook for the B2B sector. It explains all the advantages of the Network Fuel Card in 5 seconds, so that no time is lost when reading it either. The concept was further rolled out in advertisements, banners, online videos and radio ads.

Client: Shell
Contacts: Valérie Matias, Wim Detobel
ECDs: Merel Van den Broeck, Naïm Baddich
Art Director: Marc Thomasset
Copywriter: Nathalie Strybos, Joris Luyten
Graphic designers: Sergio Menendez, Denise Hermo
Motion designer: Sergio Menendez
Radio production: Bleu Nuit

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Nancy Delhalle

Chief Marketing Officer

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