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Creating Relevance

Plan.Net not only takes care of the perfect media strategy, but also optimal campaign performance and optimal online media.

We are proud of our strategies, our planning and our top buying conditions. However, the true heart of our work is something different: it is the efficiency, the performance and the sales performance of all the communication measures for our clients. We continuously monitor the success of the (online media) campaigns and optimise them. With our creative teams, we develop campaigns that are precisely tailored to specific advertising channels and target groups. We also deploy extraordinary tools and systems: for optimal addressing of target groups, we use modern moving-image planning and video advertising.

That means we not only work efficiently, but also creatively. We develop media campaigns that really work.

Your Contact

Régis Watrisse

Régis Watrisse
Digital Media Director

+32 (0)2 774 01 00

E-Mail: r.watrisse(at)mediascale.eu