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The goal of the Letter Writing Marathon is to create change in situations where people’s rights are being violated. You can write a letter to the authorities of the country, so that you can send an appeal urging them to take action. Or you can write a card to encourage the person at risk. You can write as an individual, or you can write with others by joining a Letter Writing Event in your area.

We all want to lend a helping hand to make a difference in our society. But often it is hard to see what your actual impact is when you help out.

We wanted to make it very tangible how a small effort can have a real impact. We show how your one letter can have an impact on a specific life. We focus all our attention as a power of one on the authorities to help out people whose rights are being violated. And who else is better than the people we liberated together than to get you to join our efforts this year.

We created six touching movies featuring human rights activist Ales Bialiatski. He was released thanks to the support generated by the 2014 letter-writing marathon. In the videos he urged people to join the marathon and write people free.

 We launched the letter-writing marathon in Antwerp. For 12 hours hundreds people wrote till their hands cramped up. We created the website schrijfmarathon.be people could send messages both to the authorities and the people whose rights were violated.

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