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De Taaltelefoon exists since October 1999 and is the only service of its kind. Since then, they’ve answered about 150,000 questions about all kinds of language issues. By doing so, they safeguard the quality of the Dutch language and have a distinguishably positive impact on society. The service is being used daily by journalists, communication & language professionals, teachers, copywriters and other language enthusiasts. By closing down this service there won’t be any language tools left in Flanders…

So to keep ‘de Taaltelefoon’ alive, Sam De Win, creative director and copywriter decided to launch the hashtag #copyzondertaaltelefoon. The idea was simple. Just imagine how many spelling errors or grammar mistakes would’ve made it into famous Flemish baselines if ‘de Taaltelefoon’ didn’t exist. So Sam first launched a few famous and legendary advertising baselines with spelling errors, simple grammar mistakes, … on twitter with the hashtag #copyzondertaaltelefoon. The hashtag was soon picked up by engaging colleagues on social media. Twitter got flooded by famous baselines filled with spelling errors! And only a few hours after launching the hashtag, it became a trending topic in Belgium.

Just a few months later the Flemish Government understood its importance and made a u-turn by NOT shutting down ‘de Taaltelefoon However, the biggest result is that the Flemish government decided NOT to shut down de Taaltelefoon. 

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