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Building Best Brands

Serviceplan Sales, the serviceplan experts in the field of sales marketing, has set itself the aim of boosting your sales.

Serviceplan Sales is the Serviceplan Group's creative agency whose mission is to boost sales. It provides wide-ranging expertise to its clients on all issues relating to sales marketing – from sell-in right through to sell-out – across the service fields of consulting, communication and services.

We have always believed that the complete decision-making process relating to a purchase forms the fundamental basis for developing and creating effective and successful sales marketing campaigns.

It is for this reason that Serviceplan Sales devises all its campaigns using a holistic approach, where the use of traditional online and offline advertising plays an equally significant role as showcasing brands at the point of sale, training and motivating sales staff or establishing a long-term dialogue with existing and prospective customers, amongst many other factors.

Your contact

Peter Vande Graveele

Peter Vande Graveele
CEO Serviceplan Group Benelux

+32 2 774 01 00

E-Mail: p.vandegraveele(at)serviceplan.com